OConly Financial Group offers financial assistance in several ways.

Cash is the lifeblood of any legitimate enterprise or real estate need.

So when you, as an entrepreneur, intend to establish a first-time business, or if an infusion of cash requires approval in a very short time frame, then we, at OConly Financial Group, invite you to contact us directly for assistance. This is specifically advantageous to anyone who wants real estate financing help

OConly Financial Group is proud to be able to offer a rapid solution for an individual’s real estate needs. As such, we are a preferred alternative to traditional typical bank sources where the loan processes are time-consuming and often the end result is a negative outcome.

So when it comes to your investments needs, then OConly Financial Group services is a dependable viable option for you.

OConly Financial Group and why it can help you

There are a lot of reasons why you can choose OCOnly Financial Group.

Firstly, regardless of your FICO credit score, you can typically secure a loan with one of our private lenders.

When you give private lenders an opportunity to be profitable, then it’s a two-way street - they in turn can usually provide you with the loan you need. On the other side of the coin, banks require their borrowers to have good credit. Even so, good credit sometimes isn’t sufficient!

Time is always a factor in any financial situation. Accordingly, OConly Financial Group services can approve a loan in a matter of a few days – something that is, in our view, impossible when dealing with traditional banking sources.

In summary, usually private loan sources can finance up to 60 percent of a property’s ARV (After Repair Value) and, if a borrower can assure these private loan sources with a very good earning opportunity, then the borrower need not tap into their equity. This avoids having to wait interminably to talk to several bank credit officers who will ultimately tell you that your loan application is denied.


It is extremely important that you have a Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm installed in your property and you have proof of that before a loan can be made. A State of California law in effect as of July 2011 makes this mandatory.

So let OConly Financial Group services be your direct source of cash!

Please contact us at (714) 261-7871